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2006 YU DX Contest

April 15/16, 2006
Saturday 21 UTC - Sunday 05 UTC
   Sunday 09 UTC - Sunday 17 UTC

Dear Fellow Contesters,

it's another YU DX Contest season!

Last year's results show an nice international competition taking place, as evidenced,
for example, by 7 out of top 10 LOWER HP stations being out of Europe.
A suprising number of QRP stations appeared, with the most popular being, of course, LP.

It's a great pleasure to announce ALLBAND Plaque winners, who achieved the best
combined LOWER and UPPER scores. The global competition in all the categories certainly
made it quite a success to reach even the middle ranks. Therefore, we accepted the advice
to award all the substantial scores, both as a recognition of the effort, and a way to say thanks.

The new rules worked well. The 4-hour rest period between 8-hour parts made it a more enjoyable event,
and the simple choice of operating on lower or upper bands (or both) has resulted in many more QSOs.

This year's YU DX Contest is an excellent opportunity to collect points for the jubilee "Nikola Tesla" award.

Wishing you the best of fun in the forthcoming YU DX Contest,

Sinisa  YT1NT, VE3EA

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    Win-Test   by F5MZN
    Wincontest   by I8VKB
    WriteLog   by W5XD (if developer's time permits)

This list comes mostly from SM3CER Contest Service.   Thank you, Jan!

Using popular contest programs which do not support YU DX Contest directly.

2006 Preliminary Results  will be published as soon as your logs arrive.
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Using EI5DI's SD Contest Logger, for YU stations only, in Serbian
  (EI5DI je omogucio besplatnu upotrebu programa SD, pogledajte uputstvo)

Take a look at some of the Yugoslav awards at YU1AB's site.

Old rules for non-YU stations, with Appendix (ITU zones, YU prefixes, checklists)
    in Russian, thanks to Andy RW3VZ (external link)
Old rules for YU stations, in Serbian (stara pravila za YU stanice)

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Nexgenbusiness Ltd. provided free site hosting.
Darko Arandjelovic helped with domain registration and made site hosting arrangements.
EI5DI Paul O'Kane provided a free license for his SD Contest Logger to all YU stations.
S56A Marijan Miletic donated a customized version of his famous contesting software.
YZ1SG Goran Savic kindly typed in all the paper logs.
VE3EY Nick Lekic designed the prefix checklist and wrote the article on program usage.
4N1FG Sasha Milojevic wrote the directions for using SD Logging program, in Serbian.

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