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2006 YU DX Contest

Free Contest Software, Version 05

This YU DX Contest program was written by Marijan Miletic S56A.
The program is actually a customized version of Marijan's well known EA-88 program,
successfully used by Marijan and other YU3/S5 contesters since 1983.

This is Version 05 supporting rule changes made in 2005.
Many other changes were also made in order to increase the operation comfort.

Program features:
  *  simple installation and safe removal
  *  sends out Morse code via serial or parallel ports, using standard interfaces (as for CT, etc.)
  *  accepts paddle connection and functions as iambic electronic keyer
  *  has automated multiplier tracking - both ITU zones and YU prefixes
  *  automatically saves your data after each QSO, making it less likely to lose QSOs in a case
       of failure, unlike some of the popular programs
  *  generates Cabrillo log files
  *  unlike most other programs, this one will calculate the correct score for the YU DX Contest
      and include it into the generated Cabrillo log file

Download the ZIP archive (275 KB) containing the program and its documentation.
The program manual is contained in the manual.pdf file.
The extracted ASCII text (no pictures) is in the manual.txt file.

Skinite ZIP arhivu (275 KB) koja sadrzi program i dokumentaciju.
Uputstvo se nalazi u fajlu uputstvo.pdf.
Uputstvo bez slika se nalazi u fajlu uputstvo.txt.

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