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2006 YU DX Contest

Using Popular Contest Programs

Most of the popular contest programs now support YU DX Contest!
If your favourite program does not, please consider suggestions listed below.

Please select "IARU HF World Championship".

YU DX Contest rules are very similar to those of the IARU contest.
However, Yugoslav prefixes will not be counted as multipliers,
and QSO points will be slightly off.

To keep track of Yugoslav prefixes, please use this handy checklist.

Submitting the log
The simplest way is to submit your log in the Cabrillo format.
That way you will not have to worry about QSO points, dupes, multiplier checklists, etc.
Log checker will do the work for you.

As explained above, your claimed score will not be correct,
but that shouldn't bother you, because the log will be immediately input
to our software producing the Preliminary Results page.

If your program does not support Cabrillo output format,
please submit your log in ASCII text format, as explained in rules.

Or simply use the free YU DX Contest Software
You may also consider using the free YU DX Contest program kindly
provided by S56A. This program will process multipliers and QSO points correctly.
It also provides a real time display of multipliers worked,
and inserts the correct claimed score into the Cabrillo file automatically.
See details here.

Prepared by VE3EY (formerly VA3NA) and VA3TTN

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